What Is Navia?

What Navia’s made of.

Naturally occurring amino acid groups, ones most folks have never heard of, are the active ingredients which power Navia.

The active ingredients in Navia, carboxylic acids and phenolic hydroxyl groups, are contained within a naturally occurring humic acid deposit located in the Rocky Mountains. What makes the material from this deposit unique, is its chemistry. The combination of the Aromatic content, carbon-oxygen ratio and carbohydrates are unique from other humic deposits. In the process of manufacturing Navia, the humic compound is purified and reduced to a water soluble, and hence easily digestible powder. No artificial anything is used in manufacturing the Navia capsules and the product is non-allergenic, gluten free, non-GMO, 100% natural and non-toxic – even at levels 50 times the recommended dose.
What Navia is made of
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A product of Mother Nature

In short, Navia has been millions of years in the making. But the whole story of how the active ingredients in Navia came to be is a little more detailed, with origins dating back long before any of us were born.

More than 60 million years ago, when the current-day Rocky Mountains were nothing more than beachfront property, organic matter was deposited naturally in swamps and lagoons. The formation of the Rockies over time brought millions of years of accumulated deposits to the surface to be discovered by scientists and medical professionals seeking natural cures and treatments for a variety of ills.

These deposits are rich in organic matter and amino acids, and have been the site of extensive exploration and examination by scientists and chemists.

Through years of exhaustive testing of such deposits across two continents, Dr. Laub, founder of Laub BioChem, has identified a specific deposit of naturally occurring amino acids in the Rockies which have proven to be efficacious against HSV-1 & HSV-2 in studies conducted at NIH.